Update Your Contact Details

It is important that you inform the practice of any changes to your contact details as we may need to contact you about your health care needs and treatment. If you have changed your telephone number please inform reception or call 01704 511700.

Change of Address

If you change your address you will need to complete a change of address form that can be downloaded from our website or collected from our reception desk. Please note you will need to bring your completed change of address form into the practice reception with proof of your new address so that this can be updated on the system.

Practice Boundary

If you move to a new address that is located outside of our practice boundary you can stay registered with us although you will not be eligible for home visits and will be asked to sign a disclaimer confirming this. Our practice catchment area covers Southport town centre and surrounding areas.

  • Northern boundary: Marshside Road from its junction with Marine Drive to the junction with Preston New Road then down the East side of Preston New Road to the Plough Roundabout and down Water Lane to the West Lancs boundary.
  • Southern boundary: Kew Road from the West Lancs boundary to its junction with Eastbourne Road then south along Eastbourne Rd to its junction with Liverpool Rd then west along Liverpool Road and Weld Rd to the Coastal Rd.
  • Eastern boundary: From Water Lane in the North along the West Lancs boundary as far as Crowland St. Down Crowland St. to Meols Cop Rd, up to the roundabout at Kew, along Old Town Lane and Benthams Way to Kew Rd in the South.
  • Western boundary: Coastal Rd/ Marine Drive from Weld Rd in the South to Marshside Road in the North
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