This advice has been prepared on behalf of your GP by the Sefton Local Medical Committee.

If you have cancelled your booked Holiday because of the need to isolate owing to COVID19, your
Travel Agent / Holiday Company may have requested that you obtain a confirmatory letter from GP .
GPs unable to provide this confirmation.

The Government’s guidance on the steps which must be taken to isolate oneself when showing the
symptoms of COVID 19 or when having been in contact with someone displaying COVID19 symptoms,
is very clear and should be known to your holiday company /travel agent. Please refer them to this
guidance on the need to isolate as a reason for your cancellation of your booking

GPs are unable to provide confirmation that a patient has a ‘fear’ of COVID19 infection, such that a
cancellation can be justified on these on these grounds. If you are concerned that the holiday/travel
provider has not, or is unable to , put in place adequate social distancing /isolation measures to
safeguard against COVID19 infection you should set out these concerns to your provider. You should
also seek advice form the Citizens Advice Bureau.

The Sefton LMC is the statutory representative of GPs in the Sefton Borough.