When patients call for a “book on the day” appointment in the morning they will be offered a telephone 'triage' appointment with a clinician by the reception staff. They will take your name and telephone number and a brief outline of the reason why they need an appointment. One of our trained clinicians will then call back and provide remote help if possible, talk them through how to join a video consultation, or make arrangements if they feel it is necessary for the patient to be seen for a face to face examination at a hot or cold clinic.

Hot and cold clinics also known as red and amber clinics have been set up locally for practices to see and treat patients who require a face to face examination and to reduce the potential spread of infection by separating patients with symptoms of coronavirus.

If you need to be booked into one of these clinics you will be contacted by our administration team and sent a text message with instructions on what to do when you arrive. All clinicians at the hot and cold clinics will be wearing full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).