St Marks Medical Centre and Trinity Practice have recently introduced appointments via video consultations.

How it works:

  • You will be offered a telephone 'triage' appointment by our reception staff.
  • One of our trained clinicians will then call back and discuss your symptoms over the phone.
  • If they feel it is necessary to conclude your consultation via video link they will explain this to you and send you a text message with instructions on how to join, the message will look something like this:

What you need to do:

  • Once you receive the message click on the link
  • It will then open your internet browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome) 
  • It may show you a screen where you need to click "Request permissions" to enable your camera and your microphone.
  • You should then be able to see yourself.
  • You should then wait for the clinician to join the consultation.

What do I need for it to work?

  • A smartphone, either with working Wifi/3G/4G connection
  • Your Internet Browser needs to have your phones microphone and camera enabled.
  • You might also need to make sure you are using a supported browser.
  • iPhones running older software that has not been updated (iOS 12 and earlier) will need to download the Whereby app to join the consultation)

What if I don't have a smartphone or the video doesn't work on my phone?
You can also access the link on a computer. Just type it into the top of the internet browser like so: