Advanced Nurse Practitioners

Advanced Nurse Practitioners

Advanced nurse practitioners (ANPs) are registered nurses who have received thee years additional University education. They are able to assess, diagnose and treat patients. When necessary, and appropriate, they will prescribe medication.Many of the problems dealt with by the nurse practitioners may be perceived by patients as requiring a doctor’s input. We will not ask you to see a nurse practitioner unless we feel it appropriate. The more information you give when arranging appointments the better.
The nurse practitioners can also provide health education to patients enabling individuals to better manage their health or condition.

What can the Advanced Nurse Practitioner help with?

• Sore throats
• Ongoing colds & coughs
• Chest infections
• Ear infections
• Sinusitis
• Poorly controlled asthma
• Hay fever
• Exacerbations of COPD
• Skin Infections / Impetigo
• Skin rashes
• Urine infections
• Continence issues
• Thrush / Vaginal discharge
• Constipation
• Diarrhoea / Vomiting
• Haemorrhoids
• Stress / Anxiety
• Advice /support relatives/carers/patients with regard to care packages
• Dementia support
• Pressure area care
• Carer support /health and well being support
• Information and advice on prescribed or over the counter medication
• Support for patients wanting to adopt health promotion strategies
• Bereavement support
• Advice re complex care packages, sign posting
• Home visits for acute or chronic disease management
• Home visits to assess , support complex care needs, carer support

Our Nurse Practitioners


Alison Barton (f) 

- Special interest in Dermatology and Skin Cancer


Kerry Gowan (f)

- Special interest in mental health

Sarah Haywood (f)
Debbie Warren (f)​


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